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The light-weight Behavior-Driven Development framework that focuses on ease of use for developers by minimizing testing friction.

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What is it?

SpecsFor is a library designed to make crafting tests for .NET code a breeze. It includes a base test fixture that automatically handles common testing concerns, packages to address common testing needs (such as mocking and fluent asserts), and helpers to easily overcome many testing hurdles. Check out the features and examples for more information.


The easiest way to get started with SpecsFor is to install it with NuGet.

PM> Install-Package SpecsFor

Binary packages are also available on the Github project page.


SpecsFor is flexible enough to support most approaches to testing. From "old-school" plain-jane test methods to full-blown BDD-style specifications, SpecsFor helps you write tests the way you want to write them.

Check out the full list of examples for more information.