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Online Spec Generator

You've got SpecsFor installed, now you just need to create a spec! This online generator can help.

1) What's the namespace of the class you wish to test?

2) What's the name of the class you wish to test?

3) What action are you testing? Use english!

4) What should be true after the action?

Here's a starting point for your spec! Copy-and-paste the contents of this class into a new file, customize it with your own specs, and you're all set!

using {{namespace}};
using NUnit.Framework;
using Should;
using SpecsFor;

namespace {{namespace}}.Specs 
	public class {{className}}Specs
		public class {{whenForSpec()}} : SpecsFor<{{className}}>
			//TODO: Put your result type here!
			//private ResultType _result;
			protected override void When()
				//TODO: Put your action here!
				//_result = SUT.DoSomething();

			public void {{thenForSpec()}}()
				//TODO: Put your assertion here!