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Familiar, Unit Test-Style Syntax

With SpecsFor.Mvc, creating full browser-based integration tests for your ASP.NET MVC application is exactly thesame as creating unit tests for your controllers or other code. Write strongly-typed code against your controllers, action methods, and view models, and let SpecsFor.Mvc execute the tests in the browser of your choice.

Easily Configure Seed Data

Put your app in a known state easily by leveraging the hooks built in to SpecsFor.Mvc. You can call domain services, use NHibernate, or directly access the database in order to establish whatever seed data you need for your suite of tests.

Web.config Transforms and IIS-Express Hosting

Out of the box, SpecsFor.Mvc will host your application using IIS-Express while your tests are executed. It will even apply Web.config transforms for you, enabling you to reconfigure things like database connection strings, web service end-points, and AppSettings. There's nothing extra to install on your development machine, everything is baked right in to the NuGet package.

More Than Just HTML...

Unlike some other testing frameworks, SpecFor.Mvc fully supports testing of client-side technologies. Write tests that invoke and verify JavaScript behavior, inspect application-generated E-mails... these things are all doable with SpecsFor.Mvc!